Alex Johnston's story

Local Policeman and Marathon Runner

“When I realised I had been lucky enough to receive a place in the ballot I knew I should use the opportunity to give support to a local charity. I often hear about the great work that St Wilfrid’s Hospice does and how important fund raising is to them. It was important to me that I chose a charity where I knew the money would be put to good use to support local people in a difficult time.

I am married with 3 children and live in Bognor. My wife is a nurse at St Richard's and many of our friends have links to the hospital and St Wilfird’s and back in 2014 I was one of a group that participated in Movember raising money for St Wilfrid's so felt that the Hospice was the ideal cause to run for.

It was an amazing experience, especially running past so many iconic British landmarks although the day after I must admit I was a bit sore!

During  the marathon I found the first half  was going well and ahead of pace for a 4 hour finish which was my target, but then heat took it out of me for the last third and took a bit longer than I'd hoped for, finishing at 4h 46m.

I wasn't sure what to set my fund raising target at so went with £500 which has been passed and is currently at £652.”

St Wilfrid’s would like to thank Alex and everyone else who took part in the marathon to raise money on our behalf. What an amazing achievement for you all and thank you for taking on such a huge challenge to make a difference to local lives. For fundraising tips visit our fundraising pages here.