A new Motomed for a new gym - Christina Rawson

The Rehabilitation Department is delighted to have just received a new Motomed bike – a motorised arm and leg exerciser cycle machine. We currently have two Motomeds that are constantly used by patients attending our twice weekly exercise groups. They are also available for out-patients as well as those on our ward.

The Motomed has some excellent features that help patients to use it even when they haven’t got much muscle strength; it can be set to move the pedals or handles on its own, it can be used like a normal exercise bike and also the resistance can be increased for stronger patients. Exercising on the Motomed can strengthen muscles, improve circulation, prevent joints becoming stiff and painful, aid mobility and co-ordination as well as giving psychological benefits to patients who can’t move as well as they used to.

We are indebted to Alisa Lakeman-Ford from the fundraising team who spent time with us in the rehab department shadowing the exercise groups so she could understand the importance and value of rehabilitation in palliative care. This understanding meant she could approach trusts to ask for funds to buy a new Motomed bike that costs £5,000. Alisa was also instrumental in raising funds for our other Motomed bikes - a fantastic resource for us.

Rehabilitation is a very positive aspect of palliative care enabling patients to maintain independence, function and mobility for as long as possible. Our exercise groups are very popular and patients say they feel more motivated to exercise if they attend weekly and are given achievable goals as well as exercises to do at home to help build strength.

The Rehab Dept and Palliative Day Services also run three eight-week courses:

  • Breathing Easy Group
  • Neuro Care and Share Group
  • Urology Support Group

Each of these courses involve weekly 1 ½ hour long sessions, aimed at giving patients coping strategies and advice to help them manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life. Patients also have access to advanced care planning guidance and they can be signposted to other organisations and support groups.

In the next few months, the rehab department and palliative day services are merging into one team and with the fantastic purpose built gym and new day services accommodation at the new Hospice we look forward to developing our day services, working alongside patients and their families to enable them to achieve and maintain independence and quality of life for as long as possible.

Christina Rawson, Physio