St Wilfrid’s champions care in the community for Hospice Care Week 2018

This Hospice Care Week 2018 (8-14 Oct), St Wilfrid’s Hospice is encouraging the public to support their local hospice in whatever way they can - whether by donating, volunteering or showing they care on social media with the hashtag #HeartMyHospice.

What people may not realise is that over three quarters of hospice care is provided in community-based settings, including hospice at home, outpatient services and hospice day care. Last year St Wilfrid’s team of 12 clinical nurses made over 3500 home visits to 749 new patients around the county.

A referral to the Hospice at Home team happens when it is the patient’s wish to be cared for and remain at home for their final few weeks before they die. 

Trained nurses assess the patient’s physical needs and symptoms. Any equipment needs, medication and prescriptions are organised, and a plan of how Hospice at Home can help is then arranged with the family and patient and the number of visits per day are agreed.

A usual day starts with patient morning visits. A trained nurse and support worker go to a patient’s home and help with personal care. They review a patient’s symptom control and administer any medication where needed, alongside providing emotional support to the patient and their loved ones. This is adjusted as needed to ensure care is totally patient-centred.

The patient and family can call night or day and when patients die the service allows the family to be with someone that they have developed a relationship with – hopefully providing some comfort.

Alison Moorey, Chief Executive for St Wilfrid’s Hospice said “The selflessness and dedication our clinical team show to people experiencing the most difficult time in their life is amazing. The care and compassion shown every day on our inpatient unit, in day hospice and out in the community is truly inspiring.”

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