Creative Arts in St Wilfrid’s Day Centre

Every Wednesday St Wilfrid’s Day Centre is always a hive of activity with their Creative Arts group. Since January, two students from Chichester University, Jane and Freya, have been working with a group of patients on an ‘Australian Outback’ project.  Jane and Freya chose this topic as they thought it would make a bright and cheerful display in the Day Centre as well as making the best use of their skills. The patients made digging sticks, plaster models using press moulds and painted canvasses.

Freya said “One of the best parts of working with the Hospice is inspiring the patients to go try out their new skills at home and the fact they bring their art work back in to show to the group.” 

David Middleton, one of the patients, joined the group in September having never done anything artistic in his life!  He thought this would be a great opportunity to try something new and has since bought his own equipment to use at home - he loves learning new techniques and enjoys practicing his new skills.

The outcome of everyone’s hard work is truly beautiful and certainly makes for a bright and interesting display in St Wilfrid’s Day Centre.