Unusual Visitors!

We were delighted to welcome a couple of very unusual visitors recently. Two Alpacas from Dunreyth Alpacas, based on the outskirts of Chichester, came and visited some of our patients on the Ward and in the Day Centre.

Contact with animals has been proven to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression and having a pet is known to help people feel happier and less isolated and lonely. Animals are also used as therapy for people who are ill or undergoing treatments and can even be used to help increase motor skills and joint movement.

Inviting the Alpacas to the Hospice was the idea of Nursing Auxillery, Helen Horsey. She had contacts at Dunreyth Alpacas and thought it would be a great idea to invite them in to meet some of the patients and staff.

It was a very memorable day at the Hospice and the patients who wanted to be visited by the Alpacas said that it was the highlight of their day!

The animals were extremely well behaved and very placid and docile. The visit brought a real sense of joy to the Hospice and all the staff thought it was a wonderful experience - it certainly brought a great atmosphere into the Ward.

Cathy Newsam, Ward Sister

We are always on the lookout for unusual experiences that can bring pleasure to their patients. Huge thanks to Dunreyth Alpacas for helping make lots of happy memories for so many patients and staff.