The Dog Blog Diaries #4

Read the latest from Buzz, one of the Hospice PAT dogs

 Welcome readers!

Did you miss me? I’ve been to the Hospice quite a few times since my last blog but now I’m back on line and off the leash to share my latest news.

Last time I said I’d be talking about how I became a professional PAT dog, so I’ll get straight to the point, as long as Richard doesn’t fall asleep at the keyboard. He does that from time to time (fall asleep at odd moments). It used to be confined to later items of the 10 o’clock news but in recent times it has happened during the winter Olympics (see previous post), Broadchurch (look at that beach - I could run forever, swim, then dry off soaking a whole bunch of tourists!) and even Masterchef. Bet they make really good dog biscuits.

After my visits during Richard’s late wife Jackie’s stay at the Hospice, he decided I might do something long term. So he approached Sussex Caring Pets, a registered Charity that promotes the benefits of animal assisted therapy for those in need. Their website says “Our teams of volunteers take their temperament assessed therapy support dogs and cats to visit those who would benefit from the stimulus of interaction with an animal whether they are in hospitals, hospices, residential care homes, universities or in main or special needs schools.” So what that means to me is visiting lots of lovely people, lots of fuss, and cuddles for everyone! I’m onto a winner I reckon! This is photo of me with Gemma in the Fundraising office - I always pop in on my way down to the Day Hospice for a good dose of cuddles!

I had to pass a proper exam to become a professional (well OK it was actually a lot of fun and I passed with flying colours!)

So that’s all for now and by the way if any budding Masterchefs read this I’ve run out of dog biscuits.

Till next time!
Buzz, the PAT dog