Southdowns Walk Update

Read all about Vicky and Gills' first practice walk

Practice Walk No1: start slowly…don’t come back quickly!

So, very sensibly Gill and I decided to start off slowly, with a leisurely 15 miles, with a view to breaking in the new shoes. Prepared with lashings of Volterol, plasters and Ibuprofen we set off.  We saw the sights of Bognor, Middleton and Elmer, including the seafront, and tried to ignore the glimpses of the bus route for a quick trip home!

But no, we made it home on foot although Gill nearly cried for her aching foot and I feared I may have developed hip dysplasia (no, it’s not just something German Shepherds get). When all was over we celebrated with a nice glass of Merlot and a little cry (and for Gill that wasn’t because of my dubious renditions of Artic Monkeys classics which she was forced to endure en route!)

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