Southdowns Update #4

Practice Makes Perfect!

(Well sort of, but we’re good to go this weekend!)

Well the big day(s) approaches and after our last practice walk (No. 4) Gill and I reckon we’re ready for anything! Having survived the ‘Beast from the East’ and his little brother, surely nothing the Great British Weather can throw at us will disrupt the real thing this Easter weekend?!

Just a reminder, Gill and I are walking the South Downs Way to raise funds for two local charities including St Wilfrid’s, and I especially wanted to do this for St Wilfrid’s as they cared for my partner, Guy Mepham who died in Jan 2017: he was only 49.

So practice walk 4…freezing weather! We always manage to add a few miles on to a walk because map reading is a skill that we haven’t yet mastered, but we knew we had outdone ourselves when we enjoyed both sun rise and sun set in the same park. I’m afraid to say I broke our solemn vow of never asking for directions, but I didn’t want to be found attached to a tree by an icicle.

The walk started well, looping Queen Elizabeth Park in confused circles. Once we found our way out, we were on our way to enjoying typical country scenes: lunch was spent on village green, only ruined by the whipping out of manky feet for a good plastering.

All our walking has made us realise we have become fully countrified. We can now name some birds, a few flowers and can even tell the different between a large dog and a goat if they’re not too far off. Country File here we come!

We came completely off the path at one point, and the only way out was to crawl on the ground through stinging nettles, with electric fence one side and thorns the other, whilst sheep stared, wondering what the mad humans were doing. As sugar powered us through the final miles, we were able to tell the temperature by the level of numbness in fingers.

So the preparation is over, if you’d like to visit our fundraising page in the run up to the weekend it would give our morale that extra boost! Thank you and watch out for the post-match report very soon!