Retail Blog: Golfsets, mobilty aids and wheelchairs

Here at St Wilfrid’s we have a huge variety of different donations arrive in our retail outlets through our donation centres in Terminus Road, Chichester and Chalcroft Road in Bognor Regis.

One thing we currently have a wealth of are golf sets, mobility aids and wheelchairs.

For any budding golfers out there we have everything from putters to nine irons, all you would need to take up the sport. For the more experienced golfer, there is a tool for every occasion. Pop along to one of our retail shops to see what we can offer for just a fraction of the cost of the golf shops.

Two things that are always in demand are wheelchairs and mobility aids.

Again we sell these at a fraction of the cost of the traditional mobility aid shops so if this is something that you think you, or someone you know, could take advantage of, why not pop down and take a look.

Grab yourself a bargain whilst helping a great cause.

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