New Years Resolutions

What are your 2018 resolutions? How can you fulfil your dream and help us raise funds for St Wilfrid's Hospice DREAMBUILDING?

It’s the beginning of February and all those New Year’s Resolutions that you wrote in the front of your note pad have been ignored for an entire month. Of which, one of those have reoccurred for the past 5 years. The DREAMBUILDING team have thought of solutions and alternative ideas to help you achieve your goals in the remaining 11 months of the year (its never too late to start!) and also help us to raise some money to reach our goal of at least £15.5million.


We all say it, “this year I’m going to improve my fitness”, followed by an evening jog on the 2nd January and splurging on gym wear to *hopefully* motivate you. Make this year different; set a goal for your fitness challenge. Do something that YOU enjoy, whether that is a Marathon, Bike Ride or even something more relaxing such as a tennis match, dancing, yoga or even a dog walk!  

Each year a new trendy diet is revealed (normally adopted by an incredibly beautiful actress) and 2018 is no different. You’ve also made the butternut squash soup from page 54 of your new cook book at least 10 times and you’re now stuck for ideas.

The DREAMBUILDING campaign has an on-going event Dream Dinners that is designed to help you host the most perfect dinner party.

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

Our suggestion is:

  • Invite a number of guests to your ‘DREAM Dinner’ party
  • Ask each guest to bring along their favourite healthy dish
  • All share recipes and ideas for healthy dishes
  • Post pictures on Facebook and donate some pennies to DREAMBUILDING

Tick more off your BUCKET LIST

Life is short so make the most of it!

Let 2018 be the year that you tick off that BUCKET LIST and make it a year to remember. Here are some events that may be of interest



Be more social

Saying YES, meeting new people and connecting with friends and family gives the most wonderful feelings. If your 2018 resolution is to be more social then why not attend our events, it is a great way to meet like-minded people and share experiences. The DREAMBUILDING team and supporters work hard to host a variety of different events, and information can be found in our newsletter, DB website, Facebook page and in our St Wilfrid’s Hospice Shops.

Be more charitable

And if your goal for 2018 is to be more charitable, and the above was not enough inspiration then here are some more suggestions of what you can do this year (and next!) to help us raise the remaining 16%!

  • Make a donation to DREAMBUILDING
  • Purchase a Pansy Pin (great gift idea)
  • Volunteer at one of our events
  • Encourage your social club to hold a fundraising event
  • Follow us on Facebook and share our posts to raise awareness of our DREAMBUILDING campaign

For more information on how the DREAMBUILDING team can help you to reach your goal, as well as ours, please email: or call us on: 01243 214146.