How to fundraise at work!

How you can help fundraise for DREAMBUILDING at work!

Fundraising at work is a great way to get the team working together, whilst having a giggle and raising money! We have put together a few ideas that you can do at work!


  • What was your DREAM Job as a child? – Did you want to be a Firefighter, Pop-star or even an Astronaut? Dress-up and live your childhood DREAM for the day!
  • Cake Auction! Yes we have all cheated and personalised some supermarket cakes. But why not make/decorate your own and turn it into a competition?! Whose cake would you pay more for?! Auction them off and find out.
  • Get moving! Replace a computer chair with an exercise bike and sponsor your colleagues for every mile they cycle. Set a goal – amount of miles to Scotland, Australia or if you’re after a smaller challenge then set your target to our DREAMBUILDING site. 
  • Pie Face! I’m sure we have all secretly wanted to throw a cream pie in a colleagues face. We will leave you to agree the rules for this one! 
  • Be supportive, remember to be enthusiastic when a colleague is looking for sponsors. Even if you cannot donate money, sharing their fundraising page and showing an interest in their progress is a great way to help.

Take pictures! Upload them to social media and mention us so we can share your amazing efforts with our supporters!


Remember to contact us and inform us of your fundraising activities as we would LOVE to know all the amazing things happening in our community.