Gardening to Make a Difference

Angela Palmerton (Director and Founder of Lady Penelope Gardens) shares how her landscaping team are looking forward to seeing as many people as possible enjoying the new space.

Lady Penelope Gardens provides a bespoke country garden maintenance service for private owners in and around the South Downs National Park. The Company will be responsible for helping to create the gardens for the new Hospice. Here, Director and Founder, Angela Palmerton, tells us how she became involved.

"I've always held a desire to do something special for a hospice, following personal experience of the fantastic work they do. The chance to realise this dream came when I heard that St Wilfrid’s was building a new Hospice – a DREAMBUILDING. I quickly made a phone call to offer the services of Lady Penelope Gardens and was delighted when the Hospice accepted. The team and I are delighted to have the opportunity to be involved in this incredible life changing project".

Specifically, the role of Lady Penelope Gardens will be to manage the planting and other soft-landscaping for the design, prepared by main contractors Kier/Lizard Landscapes. The Project differs from the Company’s typical work with private gardens so this really will be a labour of love and passion.

The main objective in planning the gardens is to ensure that the planting plan is sourced and planted correctly, and most importantly, to manage and assist the Hospice’s team of volunteers during, and after, the establishment of the new gardens. The key challenges will be to ensure the correct horticultural aftercare, including establishment of new meadow planting. One challenge already hopefully overcome is that of how to get the lawn-mowers to the courtyard lawn (currently through the building!). We considered artificial lawn but came to believe this was not appropriate to the softness and need for organic materials – no lawn means no worms, no blackbirds, no life. Options under consideration depend on the possible donation of a robotic mower, alternatively the plan is for the planting of a chamomile lawn.   

"Personally, and as a company, we are incredibly proud and privileged to be involved with the DREAMBUILDING project, and are really looking forward to seeing as many people as possible enjoying the new space – patients, their families, visitors and all the staff who work there."

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