Dog Blog - May

The latest news from Buzz, the Hospice PAT dog

Hi readers!

Last time I promised a peek into my distinguished family heritage. Some of you might see my handsome profile and wonder where those clearly great genes come from (apart from one clearly recessive one that is making the hair on one of my legs go white).

I am a Cockerpoo, however Richard takes great delight in telling everybody I am more Poo (dle) than Cock (er-spaniel) - what a sauce! My dame was a first cross Cockerpoo and she was allowed to have a ‘liaison’ with a suave French miniature poodle. I have a shiny black Poodle coat and don't moult unlike Richard’s last four-legged friend who was a long haired German Shepherd.

This is me in the Fundraising office signing off my last Dog Blog!

So I learned something at St. Wilf’s recently…somebody told me that Danny Mac is a Patron of the Hospice and by all accounts he is a bonny boy too. Well I don't want to upset his mother but he'd better look to his laurels 'cos I'm the new kid on the block and I don't need a partner for Strictly as I already have four legs’.

Mind you I wouldn't mind taking a step or two with Natalie Lowe!

So now my family heritage has been covered next time I’ll be moving on to what it takes to be a truly great PAT dog (just like me).

Next time!
Buzz, the PAT dog