Dog Blog - March

Welcome readers to a brand new Blog from me, Buzz Wood.

Let’s get straight to the point, my name is 'Buzz Wood' it might sound like I’m up for a carpentry blog but I’m actually going to be writing about my life as a Pets as Therapy (PAT) dog. Yes I’m a dog. Technically I’m just plain Buzz but when I go to the dreaded V-word (vet!) I have to take my best friend Richard’s surname for official purposes.

This is me with Richard

So plain Buzz it is, and if you’re wondering how my stubby paws manage a keyboard, suffice to say Richard is getting very good at transposing all those meaningful looks and barks I give him into words and writing them down. By the way he’s also very good at throwing sticks in the park which I bring back (this seems to keep him entertained for some time), using the tin opener at critical moments and pretending to drop bits of roast chicken on the floor at Sunday lunch.

So how did I end up as a PAT dog? We started to come to St Wilf's in June last year when Richard’s wife, Jacky, came to St Wilfrid's for end of life care. I came in every day to visit Jacky which we both enjoyed very much. I was also a great hit with the nursing staff; I may be small but I am full of love which I give unreservedly and I get lots of love in return.

Now I bring Richard back to St Wilfrid's regularly so I can make new friends and visit old ones and he can gossip, drink endless cups of tea and munch biscuits for a few hours. Here I am with one of the patients, Graham, who loves giving me a cuddle.

So more next time readers including Richard’s alleged Grumpy Old Man Syndrome which may be OK for him, but not so good when he has an episode and moans on about the state of the Great British Weather as an excuse for curtailing my walks!

'Til next time,
Buzz, the PAT dog