Welcome back readers! 

The latest news from Buzz, the Hospice PAT dog

Well, after last month my best friend, Richard, directed a few pointed questions at me concerning my allegations about his biscuit consumption on Hospice premises. Just to say I can’t count very well, but I know how to spot a significant pile of crumbs when I see one.

So a bit more about Richard......he says he’s a year short of his three score and ten which means nothing to me, not counting very well, but he says he suffers from this GOMS which the medics will know stands for Grumpy Old Man Syndrome. Key symptoms include perking up considerably in the presence of pretty ladies and, as all the ladies at St Wilf’s are exceptionally pretty, I think he maybe on to a winner.

This is me with one of the lovely ladies in the Fundraising office. 
I always like to pop in to see them when I visit!

His eldest daughter Claire refers to him as being ‘off piste’. I think this may be something to do with skiing... where people go to the top of snow covered slopes, attach their feet to a couple of planks with turned up fronts and proceed to slide down a slope! The thought of that in Richard's case is a big no-no. He would spend all the time on his ample backside and whilst he may be going down hill (as he already is) it would be a slow process and would most likely to cause a huge avalanche. I’m not sure if this is what she means, but whatever she did mean, I think I’m used to him by now!

Next time I'll recount more tales of my latest visits to the Hospice along with details about my very distinguished family heritage.

That’s all for now, folks!
Buzz, the PAT dog