A day on site with Site Manager for Kier Construction

Matthew Ward is the Site Manager for Kier Construction, currently overseeing the build of our new

St Wilfrid’s Hospice - our DREAMBUILDING – due to open in spring 2019.

We caught up with Matthew as he took time out of his extremely busy schedule to let all our supporters know what a typical day on the build involves. It’s an early start!

6.30am: Arrive on site and prepare for the day ahead with a much needed coffee and chat to Simon (Project Manager) & Aaron (Site Manager) about the day ahead.

7.00am: Get out before the operatives start and have a good walk around the whole site so I’m prepared for to take the morning briefing.

7.30am: Hold the morning daily activity briefing which is attended by supervisors of the trades; includes detailed discussion about health and safety, production, & material deliveries on site that day.

8.00am: Carry out the necessary safety inductions to new starters and visitors to ensure they are well aware of the protocol and standards on our site – it can be a dangerous place if not managed correctly!

8.30am: Back out onto site, walk my areas of responsibility to make sure everyone is where they are meant to be, and working safely.

10.30am: Quick coffee break whilst checking emails.

10.45am: Back out on site, recording progress, managing quality, and dealing with any issues that arise. Work progresses so quickly that we get through a lot of materials - keeping these stored neatly is paramount.

1.00pm: Return to site office and have a bit of lunch, I use this time to deal with any quires from


1.30pm: Gather the site supervisors together for an afternoon briefing. This is to make everyone aware of any significate changes to their working area from the morning – It can change that quick on a construction site!

2.00pm: The rest of the afternoon is spent out on site and in the office; I also attend various meetings, dealing with Health & Safety, progress, quality, and procurement. I try to hold these in the afternoon as the mornings are busy keeping the operatives going.

5.30pm: Most people on site have gone by 4.30pm, so we will have our final walk around before we start our lock down procedure and get ready to go home!

Every day is different and there’s never a minute when something’s not going on, it’s an extremely fast paced delivery programme and it’s a really rewarding scheme to be a part of. We also have some excellent trades on site that really believe in what we are trying to deliver!

Matthew Ward

Site Manager

Thank you to Matthew for sharing this with us and to the team at Kier for working so hard on our incredible new building. If you would like more information on our project go to dreambuilding.org.uk