A Close Shave

Local GP, Bernadette Marnell, has cared for many patients with cancer over the years and she wanted to do something to pay tribute to them.

For many people losing their hair is a scary thought; I don’t think I would ever be brave enough to shave off my hair, not even for a charity!

Having worked as a local GP for many years, I appreciate all the wonderful support I and my patients have received from St. Wilfrid's Hospice.

All the people I have known who have suffered from cancer have been such an inspiration to me - they are very special people! People with cancer don't have a choice in losing their hair. I DO have a choice, so it seems fitting to shave my hair as a small tribute to thank them all for the privilege of caring for them.

Bernadette Marnell

Bernadette took the plunge on Wednesday February 1st and had all of her hair shaved off at St Wilfrid’s. 

The building was buzzing with excitement as Bernadette, who managed to persuade Gogglebox star and hairdresser, Stephen Webb, to come and do the honours. As she was getting her grade 1 hairdo, Bernadette joked that it was probably the worst haircut Stephen ever had to do!

I know that if I had all of my hair shaved off, I would be self conscious about how I look ; funnily enough, one of Bernadette’s biggest worries was not her appearance, but was that she would have a cold head, so her friends kindly knitted her several woolly hats.

On the day she had already been given about eight or nine, so it’s safe to say she will have a warm head for a while.  Since the head shave Bernadette has noted some people’s reactions:

have noticed some stares when out and about, so I think I get an inkling of what people with cancer have to put up with and they lose a lot more than I did!


Bernadette’s original goal was to raise £2000 for the hospice. After months of relentless fundraising, she managed to exceed her target and raise over £7000 – what an amazing achievement!

All photos are used with kind permission of Sam Stephenson

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