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Jim Martyn – Being a St Wilfrid’s Trustee

Freddie Chandler
Freddie Chandler
This Trustees Week, we talked with Jim Martyn who joined our Trustee Board this year to share his experience as a Trustee of a hospice. Here’s what Jim had to say about his decision to become a Trustee and what his time has looked like so far:

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Jim Martyn and I’m a chartered accountant. I have worked in the IT sector for all of my career after public practice in Dublin and London. I am married and have three children and live locally.  

Why did you want to be a Trustee?

As I approached retirement, I wanted to continue to work and use the skills I had gained from my career and give back to the local community. I looked at a few roles and was lucky to find and be chosen by St Wilfrid’s.

Why did you choose St Wilfrid’s?

St Wilfrid’s plays a critical role in the community providing a really valued service. The work environment felt good when I was interviewed, both in the physical facility and with the people I met.

What is it like being a Trustee at St Wilfrid’s?

It is a responsible role. St Wilfrid’s is a big organisation with significant income and expenditure, and as a Trustee I take that role very seriously. It also feels both humbling and a privilege. Humbling when I witness first-hand the work that the teams do – and I mean everyone from volunteers to the facility, admin, medical and catering staff to help and support patients and their friends and families. It’s a real privilege for me to help and be associated with St Wilfrid’s.

Before joining the St Wilfrid’s Team, what did you know about hospice care?

Very little, I only knew it as a place where two of my relatives died. But I had no idea of the extent of the Hospices activity and how they were funded and supported.

What have you learnt about hospice care since starting your new role?

A lot. I’ve learnt about the huge extent of the community services team with hundreds of patients supported and treated. Originally, I thought that it was only an ‘inpatient’ operation that supported 15 to 20 patients. But now I’ve learnt that it’s so much wider than that. I was able to attend a community visit and it showed me how St Wilfrid’s operates and the extent of the services provided.

I’ve learnt about the importance of the retail sector to the funding of the hospice. I’ve learned how there are hundreds of volunteers, which is just amazing, and the range of skills is hard to believe.

I’ve learned about charities and related governance – which is key to my role.

I have learned so much in the last six months across such a wide range of areas – which is a reflection of the operation at St Wilfrid’s

What do you hope for in the future of your role and the Hospice?

I hope that we will see a continued steady state of predictable funding from all sources so that the Hospice can continue the great work. I hope the Hospice continues to be a chosen place of work and attracts even more talented volunteers, management and staff.        

I also hope that the community continues to see St Wilfrid’s as a valued asset to people in their final hours.

And finally – that I can continue to support St Wilfrid’s for many years to come.

What would you say to someone thinking of supporting St Wilfrid’s?

There are plenty of different roles that will fit your skills from gardening to art expertise! The Hospice team provide great training as required for the role you chose.  One of the bonuses of supporting the hospice is meeting new people. It’s a very welcoming environment.


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