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How to cope with grief when you are already bereaved

Rachael Tout
Rachael Tout
We were very sad to hear the news of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II death last week. As a local community hospice serving a population of over 190,000 people, we are very aware of how personal experiencing grief is to each and every one of us.

Her Majesty once said ‘Grief is the price we pay for love’.

No matter your views on the monarchy, this time of national mourning could feel even more painful if you are dealing with your own grief or bereavement, either recent or some time ago. The radio and television programming of sombre songs and funeral arrangements may be too much for you to bear at the moment, or you may find yourself feeling sad in the lead up to the state funeral without really knowing why.

When someone historic in the public eye dies, the rolling media coverage can feel shocking even though we didn’t know that person. It can bring feelings of sadness or grief to the surface from many years ago. This is completely normal, as grief comes and goes in waves, and can be triggered by an event, a familiar smell, or visiting a much loved location many years on.

If you are going through a difficult time right now, for example if you are unwell or a loved one has a life limiting condition, this time of national mourning could be really hard. Be gentle with yourself at the moment, and don’t look at the news or Her Majesty’s funeral planning if it becomes too much. Limit yourself to updating on the news once a day, and instead listen to some music you enjoy, phone a friend or go for a short walk if you can.

If you will be alone on Monday 19th September and would like to come to the Hospice to watch the funeral coverage in our Living Well centre and have a cup of tea, please do call our Main Reception team on 01243 775302 to give them your name.

You can access some useful resources from the Good Grief Trust and you can speak to the Samaritans 24/7  if you need to on 116 123.

Access our Bereavement Support Page for more resources.

May Her Majesty Rest In Peace.


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