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Meet our Hospice Housekeeping heroes

Jasmine Cotton
Jasmine Cotton

Say hello to our Housekeeping team!

Our Housekeeping team may be small but they are incredibly important as they do so much to keep everything clean and running smoothly at the Hospice.

A lot of their jobs happen behind-the-scenes and we want to shed some light on the amazing role they play at making a difference to local lives.

What does the Housekeeping team get up to?

• Five times a week, they water flush the entire building meaning that every tap, toilet and shower across the building is turned on to protect against germs. They also descale weekly.

• During the Winter, they grit all the paths and walkways to make sure that they aren’t slippery and people can enter the Hospice safely.

• Every curtain in the Hospice is regularly taken down and washed or steamed.

The Housekeeping team also handles the ordering and storing of a lot of Hospice items, including our PPE (personal protective equipment) and RPE (respiratory protective equipment). They order cleaning supplies for our catering teams, as well as filling the coffee shop with food and drink.

They also send our retail teams any cleaning chemicals they may need at their shops.

The team also works on the Ward assisting with many things that make our patients more comfortable, such as:

• If a patient is being discharged, the team will make sure that all of their clothes are washed and ironed, ready for them to leave.

• If a button comes off a shirt or minor clothing repairs are needed, they will get out their needles and sew it back together.

• They use silk pillowcases for the patient bedrooms to avoid any problems for those who may have a skin condition.

The Housekeeping team are also always happy to make cups of tea for patients and their loved ones.

Not only does our hero Housekeeping team do all of these amazing things, but also manages all of the waste from the building. Nothing from the Hospice ever ends up in landfill. It is either burnt for heat or power, put through anaerobic digestion, or recycled. This ensures that we remain as environmentally friendly as possible.

Last but certainly not least, the team looks after all of the laundry at the Hospice. This includes: patient laundry, curtains, shower curtains, blankets, heat pad covers, aprons, cloths and mops, bed spreads, soiled uniforms, floor mats and lots, lots more!

Please join us in saying a huge THANK YOU to our wonderful Housekeeping team.

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