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Five reasons why you should volunteer at your local Hospice

Jasmine Cotton
Jasmine Cotton

Why you should volunteer at your local Hospice?

Volunteering at St Wilfrid’s Hospice is not only rewarding, but it is also a lot of fun, flexible and means that you can give back to your local Hospice. We couldn’t run the Hospice without our community of volunteers, and we are always on the lookout to welcome new volunteers to the team.

Here are five reasons why we think being a Hospice volunteer is great!

1. There’s a huge range of roles to choose from

We have a wide range of volunteering opportunities available! We have volunteer gardeners who keep our Hospice gardens looking beautiful for patients and their loved ones to enjoy. We also have a large community of retail volunteers who help run our 12 charity shops and online stores. There are also a number of volunteers who work in our offices, on the Ward and at our fundraising events.

2. Our volunteering hours are very flexible

Our volunteering roles can be very flexible and there are hours and shifts that work for everyone. We are grateful to all of our volunteers and understand that you might be volunteering your time in between working and looking after your family.

Even if you only have a few hours a week to spare, we would love to chat with you about your passions, where you would like to volunteer and how much time you can kindly donate to us.

I get a lot of enjoyment and reward out of doing the gardening. It’s the camaraderie and it’s a place that’s full of laughter, it’s not all serious.

Robert, Volunteer Gardener

3. Volunteering is fun!

You will have fun and enjoy volunteering at a Hospice, we promise! St Wilfrid’s is full of wonderful people, from our patients and their loved ones to our staff and volunteers, the Hospice is a special place full of the best people.

By volunteering, you will also meet lots of new people, and maybe even make some new friendships too.

4. You can utilise the skills you already have

Many of our volunteers utilise the skills they already have when volunteering at the Hospice. We have many volunteers who have retired and gift us their time and skills from their previous work, as well as people who are still working, but like to use the skills they already have.

I’m an ex HR professional, so using those skills in the Hospice environment is lovely.

Hazel, Volunteer HR Administrator and Ward Assistant

5. You’re making a huge difference to local lives

By volunteering at your local Hospice, you will be helping us deliver vital end of life care and support to the local community. We wouldn’t be able to run the Hospice and all of our shops and fundraising events without volunteers, and you will be making a huge difference to local people.

Patient and healthcare assistant doing a puzzle

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