Challenging Conversations at End of Life

Helen Evans
Helen Evans

This workshop is jointly delivered by St. Wilfrid’s Hospice and Midhurst Macmillan Team.

Dates:  Wednesday 12th June 2024 – (09.30 – 12.30) virtual via Teams

Price:  Fully funded by NHS Sussex and training is open to all Sussex employees in health and social care or £50 if you work outside of these areas to include all course materials.

Where: Virtual via Microsoft Teams

Suitable for all qualified health and social care professionals in all clinical settings having challenging conversations in the workplace with patients and their loved ones.

This half day, interactive workshop as part of the emerging need recognised due to the pandemic. Whilst it’s a workshop for medical, nursing and allied healthcare professionals it is applied to any clinical setting and is part of our advanced suite of communication skills training. It will be run by two experienced clinical facilitators and registered Real Talk trainers.

The aim is to increase confidence or to refresh skills to have effective conversations specifically with those nearing the end of their lives, and their families and includes: –

  1. Identifying difficult and challenging conversations
  2. To understand the barriers in difficult conversations
  3. To explore conversation science utilising Real Talk video clips of real-life practice and evidence-based training points.
  4. To understand areas of development of own communication skills

‘Real Talk’ is a novel approach to training aimed at enhancing healthcare communication. It is based upon real-life video and audio recordings of UK hospice care and bereavement support groups, and learning points based on communication science research using the Conversation Analysis method. Whilst these video clips are filmed in hospice settings they can be applied to any clinical setting as it’s the communication learning that we will be extracting and exploring. The authentic nature of these materials means that there are mandatory safeguards that need to be complied with at all stages of this training.

There is no role play in this workshop but it is very discussion based and participants are expected to participate in order to gain from the session.

This course links to specific subject areas and tiers within the EoLC Core Skills Training Framework.

This course will be held via Microsoft Teams which can be booked below. Please ensure that individual emails are supplied as we are unable to accept generic emails. After booking you will receive a joining link to the email address you have registered by the day before the event. This link is specific to the individual and we respectfully ask that this is not shared in anyway.

Please contact with any queries.

Difficult Conversations at End of Life