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Could you be a local hero this Summer?

Jasmine Cotton
Jasmine Cotton

At St Wilfrid’s Hospice, we are extremely grateful to our local heroes who every day are fundraising, volunteering, or working for the Hospice to allow us to deliver vital end-of-life care completely free-of-charge to the local community.

Meet some of our local heroes in #TeamStWilfs!

We have so many wonderful local heroes, from our volunteers across the Hospice, to our employees and fundraisers! Here are just a few who have done their bit recently for local hospice care.

Meet Claire

Dr Claire is the Medical Director here at St Wilfrid’s, and oversees the care of all patients under the care of the Hospice.

“My role is quite a varied role at the Hospice, which is why I enjoy it so much. First an foremost, I am a Clinician, a Doctor. Which means that I am responsible for the medical care of our patients both on our inpatient unit and out in the community in their own homes.”.

Meet India

India took part in the London Marathon 2024 and fundraised a fantastic £4,271 for local hospice care.

“My mum was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer and there was a point where I didn’t feel like we could keep her safe. Nobody was getting any sleep, and we were just at a point where we couldn’t cope. I remember the day that a very lovely consultant called from the Hospice and when we bought her in here, it was a kind of immediate relief.

The weight of her care was immediately lifted off us and we could be her family again”.

Meet Alice

Alice is one of our retail volunteers, who very generously donates her time to help us in our charity shops.

“It’s really interesting, and a good fun place to be. And all the while you’re helping. It definitely gives you that warm feeling “.

Meet Porscha

Porscha is one of our registered nurses within the hospice community team, who care for patients out in the community, which is often in the patient’s own home.

“My responsibility is looking after patients at home who otherwise would be hospitalised, or bedded here. We provide care with equipment and medications by a lot of liaison prior to going out if we know that someone needs for instance a hospital bed. We liaise very closing with all the local GPs in regards to medication, plus we have in-house prescribers”.

Meet Rob

Rob volunteers in our Terminus Road outlet in Chichester, and helps look after the audio section of the shop. He is full of knowledge, and shoppers often visit the shop to ask for advice.

“I love working here because it’s very good for the community, which I think is important. I have also had a number of friends who have died in the Hospice, and they were always well taken care of. I just love it, it’s good fun.

I enjoy working with the people I work with, at a time when people increasingly say that they don’t enjoy their work; I still find it a joy!”

Meet Jo

Jo is a part of our Living Well team at the Hospice, a team that helps provide a range of activities and therapies to help patients with a life-limiting illness, and their loved ones.

“In the Living Well Centre, we draw on the breadth of experience that our people are bringing, but if we felt that we were needing additional support, we have, for example, motor-neuron disease colleagues that we can call on. We have our specialist nurses, we will speak to our clinical nurse support team, our triage team. If needs be we will then speak to our GP colleagues, our community nursing colleagues to access that more immediate review if someone is very unwell in the community”.


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