How to choose and look after your real Christmas Tree

Freddie Chandler
Freddie Chandler
This festive season, we spoke with Andrew from Manor Nursery Garden Centre for some top tips to help our local community choose and look after their real Christmas Tree!

“First, start by looking for a healthy tree that has been grown locally at a Garden Centre.

Typically there are 3 types of real Christmas Tree available:

Traditional Norway Fir have a nice smell but they do drop their needles.

Nordmann Standard do not drop their needles and are a good tree but may have some gaps between branches compared to its premium counterpart.

Nordmann Premium are very nicely shaped and a fuller type of tree to give off that perfect Christmas triangle shape and they also do not drop their needles.

When purchasing your tree, ask for the bottom inch to be sawn off (or cut it at home, safely) then stand the tree in a bucket of water overnight to help water absorption.

Christmas Trees CAN catch fire so avoid putting your tree near a radiator or a window with direct sunshine as this can dry it out, remember to water the tree daily.

Do not spray hairspray or solvents onto the tree to stop pine needles falling out as this makes a fire hazard, instead buy a non-drop tree and top up the tree stand with water to keep the tree fresh.

Having the right Christmas Tree makes the festive season extra special, but once the new year comes and the tree has died, make sure to have it recycled so it can be re-used to benefit the local environment.

St Wilfrid’s Hospice are offering a Christmas Tree Recycling service to local postcodes so you can have your real tree recycled, avoiding the hassle of wrestling the tree into your car and getting covered in pine needles.

Book your tree to be collected and recycled, in exchange for a donation that will make a difference to local lives here:


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