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Christmas Presents with St Wilfrid’s

Freddie Chandler
Freddie Chandler
Are you struggling to find the right present for that one person?

At St Wilfrid’s Hospice, we have a wide variety of affordable presents available to help you get Christmas sorted and presents under the tree. With 12 charity shops and an online shop, there is something to find for everyone this Christmas.

The “safe” option

Everyone knows that when in doubt, clothes are the safest present to get someone! We have a wide variety of clothes available at our shops, for all ages, genders and sizes so you are bound to find something special. We also have a Retro and Vintage shop for people who enjoy gifts from years gone by.

The “I know you”

Looking for something that tells the person, ‘I know exactly what you wanted’? We have a wide selection of books, films, paintings and lots of accessories that are perfect for giving as a present that shows you know your stuff.

The “It made me think of you”

We have lots of bric-a-brac at all of our shops that are perfect to look through and find some wonderful treasures that might be just what they wanted, whether it’s a frame, figurines or a table ornament we have lots of bits and pieces that could be a great present.

The “I’m the cool family member”

Looking to score points with the youngsters in your family this Christmas? We have a wide selection of kid’s toys and clothes in our shops that are sure to help you claim the title of the cool family member. We also have DVDs, board games, jigsaws, books and other items to cater to some of the older kids.

The not that the kids will get it”

Buying presents for the older generation can start to get pricey the more retro you go, but our shops offer an affordable alternative. We have a Retro and Vintage shop full of fashion, bric-a-brac, books and all things old-school! This shop is perfect for finding something to suit the older tastes in the family, that the kids won’t get. We also have records available in our other shops to fit the classic music tastes.

The “For your new hobby”

Got a family member who’s recently gotten into crafts? Or maybe they’re into upcycling? We have lots of items at our shops that are perfect for different crafts and hobbies. Our e-Commerce shops are also a great place to find collector’s items to fill a new collection.

The “For that occasion”

Whether it’s moving into a new house, getting engaged or welcoming a baby, there are all sorts of occasions we buy presents for. This Christmas, if you’ve got any occasions coming up, we have gifts perfect for all.

The “You’re so hard to buy for”

Our e-Commerce shops are the perfect place to find things a little bit more unique. From old collectors’ items to china tea sets, our e-Commerce shops are always offering some amazing items to help you find something for the picky person, even when it seems impossible.

The “I Give Up”

If you’re still at a loss, then why not buy a Charity Shop Gift Card. This gift card can be used across any of our 12 shops as well as many other national charity retailers, so you can give the gift of thrifting to your loved ones. This is also a more meaningful gift card as spending it will help support the Hospice and make a difference to local lives.

We have a Black Friday offer available at all of our shops from 24th to 27th November, to help you find the right present this Christmas, without breaking the bank . Find your nearest shop, or check our online shop here:

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