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    Why you shouldn’t put off writing a Will

    And why there may be more reasons to make one than you realise… It may…

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    Why we walk… by Barbara Higgs

    I’m walked in Moonlight Walk 2021 for St. Wilfrid’s in memory of my husband, Tony.…

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    Major Mick rows Tintanic to £43,000!

    Mick Stanley, formerly of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, has raised an impressive £43,000 for…

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    ‘Mission complete’ for Major Mick’s 100-mile Tintanic Challenge

    Major Mick has rowed to the end of his ‘Tintanic’ 100-mile rowing challenge on Friday…

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    Have a Greener Christmas with St Wilfrid’s Hospice

    The simplest, greenest and most charitable way to dispose of your Christmas trees this year…

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10th September 2022

Moonlight Walk Week 2022

The Moonlight Walk Week is an incredible way to show your support for the hospice.…

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