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Advance Care Planning

Freddie Chandler
Freddie Chandler

Planning ahead. What matters most to you?

Our Medical Director, Claire Magee talked to us about Advance Care Planning and why it is so important.

It is important for all of us to think about the kind of care and treatment we would like, or perhaps would not want, in the future. This subject can be difficult to consider, and you might feel uncomfortable raising it with your loved ones, but it can bring peace and some really meaningful conversations. Letting others know what matters to you can help you keep control over your care.

Importantly, health can change over time and this may affect your ability to have conversations and make decisions when it matters most.

Advance Care Planning is a way to let people know what kind of care and treatment you would want to be given if you become too unwell to let them know yourself. It makes it more likely your wishes will be understood and followed.

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Decisions such as where you would prefer to be looked after or die, the types of treatment you would want or not want, can all be discussed with those close to you and your healthcare team. By doing this they can ensure your voice is present in any decisions made. Some forms of Advance Care Planning such as an Advance Directive to Refuse Treatment (ADRT) are legally binding.

Other things you can plan ahead for include writing a will, organ donation, funeral plans and even your digital legacy (the digital information available about you after you die).

Talking about these subjects can be difficult, but it can make the future a lot easier for you and your loved ones. If you are being supported by St Wilfrid’s, always talk to us about your care and your wishes. Try asking yourself the question ‘what matters most to me?’

If you want to plan ahead but don’t know how to begin, this tool from HospiceUK may help you.


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